(Last Updated On: April 18, 2020)

IF Murree is the Queen of Hills, then Gorakh Hill, Sindh’s highest point, which is often compared to that verdant hill station in the north of Pakistan, is a lonely, majestic king.

Gorakh Hill is a Hill Station of Sindh, Pakistan on the elevation of 6000 Ft. The Gorakh Hill is a developing hill station 93-Km away in the north west of Dadu District along with (Khuzdar) Balochistan Border, it is apex of Kirthar Mountain Range in Sindh and a unique adventure point for nature doters. Gorakh is a gateway for local villagers of Khuzdar Balochistan, which peregrinate for purchasing pabulum and other life Utilities from Wahipandi, a minute town at the foot of the mountain range.

Origin of Name
It is verbally expressed that Great Indian Saint from medieval periods; Sri Gorakhnath ji had extensively wandered in these regions. That is why, many places are denominated after him. He wielded tremndous influence on people across all sects, castes, vocations, classes. Such was his Yogic Potency.

How To Reach there?
Dadu City is the base camp for outside travelers, they can reach Dadu from two different sides one from Indus highway and other from National highway. They can stay in Dadu in local hotels offering only local cuisine. From Dadu travelers can hire a 4wd jeep for peregrinating to Gorakh Hill.

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Where To Stay?
At Gorakh Hill, there’s a minute Rest House open for travelers. And they can additionally camp at Gorakh Hills.

The Gorakh Hill is a rocky area akin to Gilgit areas. In the summer season temperature ranges between a maximum of 25C in day time to 5C at night. Temperatures during winters are well bellow zero with infrequent snow fall.

Gorakh Hill Station Snow Fall Video: