At an average elevation of 8000 feet above sea level, Ayubia National Park is located between Pakistan’s most popular hill stations, Murree and Nathiagali. Superb scenery, pine forests, green mountain slopes, clear water streams and lots of wild flowers and colorful butterflies combine together to offer an enchanting panorama.
We have planned for you a hiking trip to Ayubia National Park during the summer holidays. We will drive to Ayubia from Islamabad and enjoy the beautiful scenery enroute. After check in at the hotel, you will be free to acclimatize yourself to the mountain environment. Next day we will do the pipeline walk through the National Park area and climb the Mukshpuri Top (elevation 9800 feet). On the way, we are likely to see hundreds of wild flowers and colorful butterflies. You will also have superb views overlooking Kashmir and Abbottabad.