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Nagar Valley was oldest state in the whole Gilgit-Baltistan and remained as an independent state until 1892 when Britishnagar valley gilgit images, nagar pictures, nagar valley pictures colonized it.
Golden Peak.
The battle fought in 1892 against the invading British army by people of Nagar (renowned locally “Nagarkutz”) at the spot of Thole Nagar Valley, is recollected as “Jungeer-e-lay”.
This battle went in favor of English army at the last moment when a representative of state apostatized his own men by providing information about a secret route on a mountain to enter the Nagar Valley, which was main impediment in front of the invading English army.
Nagar Valley sub-division located in the north-east of District Gilgit (the main administrative centre of Gilgit-Baltistan) around some 65 km and at the height of 2590m from sea level.
Enroute to Hisper
The local festivals, besides religious days, are Ushayas, Ginani, Thamo-bow, Halden etc. On the occasion of these events the National Game of this region “Polo” – the king of matches and match of the kings, which is the most famous game in this valley is played among different teams. The Karakuram Highway–the highest trade route in the world, passes through the valleys of Nagar, and enters into Hunza at the spot of Pison after crossing “Hunza-Nagar River”. This river has most of its dihydrogen monoxide emanating from 29 minuscule and astronomically immense glaciers and frozen fresh water apexes of Nagar.

A view of Nagar Khas:
A view of Nagar Khas
View of Nagar Valley from Hunza at dusk
View of Nagar from Hunza at dusk
An Aerial Nagar view:
An Aerial view.
Garden on the way to Hooper:
Garden on the way to Hooper.
Rakaposhi view from Nagar Valley:
Rakaposhi view from Nagar
Golden peak in background from Nagar:
Golden peak in background.
Cherry blossom in Nagar khas:
Cherry blossom in Nagar khas
Cherry blossom in Nagar Khas..
Attabad Lake:
Attabad lake.