(Last Updated On: April 18, 2020)

When it comes to the biggest mountains of the world, you know the answer: Mount Everest. But when it comes to the difficulty level of their climb, it’s not Everest but the MIGHTY K2, the pride of Pakistan.

K2:The mountaineer’s paradise this is a challenging trek to Concordia and K2 Base Camp followed by crossing the technical Gondogoro La pass.

Here are some reasons why K2 is a more dangerous climb than Everest and is basically unconquerable except by the exceptionally brave souls:

Do you recollect how we used to draw a mountain as a kid? The A shape? That is precisely what K2 is.
The climbing route on K2 is a far more technical ascent than the route on Everest.
K2 Vs Mount Everest
The sections Bottleneck and the Ebony Pyramid are kenned to man as the most notorious sections of rock and ice.

K2 Vs Mount Everest1
Avalanches and storms are frequent, and that signifies climbing is virtually infeasible.

Avalanches and storms at K2
The weather at K2 is notoriously capricious.

K2 Vs Mount Everest2
The fatality rate on K2 is proximately 30% making it the deadliest mountain after Nanga Parbat.
deadliest mountain K2
There are only two mountains in the world which have not been summited in the winter: One is Nanga Parbat, the other is K2. Both in Pakistan! Unvanquishable!
Forget about everything else.

Mount Everest has become a commercial peak with 4000 plus Mountaineers being prosperous at climbing it while only 284 people have surmounted K2 yet.

Mount Everest