Wagha Border Flag Ceremony
Wagha is the only land border open between Pakistan and India (Lahore-Amritsar route).

This check-post is about 30 kms from Lahore and is the cross-over point for peregrinators into India by the land route. It is open daily to foreigners only (except Indian and Pakistani nationals) from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. PST
A circadian Flag-lowering ceremony is simultaneously on Pakistan and India side at Sun-set. This moiety an hour ceremony is attended by an immensely colossal number of denizens and tourists. This two hours excursion from Lahore can be arranged with the assistance of Tourist Information Centre

Overland Crossing

The Wagha border post is open daily for foreigners; Summer (16 April to 15 October) 08:30 to 14:30 hrs and Winter (16 October to 15 April) 09:00 to 15:00 hrs. Minibus No.12 leaves from outside Lahore Railway Station for Wagha every 15 minutes, costs approx. US$ 0.20 per person. Taxi shall charge around US$ 8 for this moiety an hour journey.

Lahore-Delhi Bus Accommodation
Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) and Delhi Convey Corporation (DTC) has commenced a luxury, direct bus accommodation between Lahore and Delhi w.e.f. 16 March, 1999. The 43-seater, air-conditioned bus leave simultaneously from Faletti’s Hotel, Egerton Road, Lahore and Dr. Ambedkar Terminal, Delhi Gate, Incipient Delhi on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 06:00 hours. One-way fare is equipollent to US$ 19 per person. The fare withal includes cost of breakfast, lunch and evening tea enroute. Total peregrinate time is 11 hours. For bookings and information, please contact PTDC office in Lahore (Tel:042-35755940, 042-35875360. Fax: 042-35760062 and DTC office in Delhi (Tel:+91-11-3317445 Fax:3715877 E-mail:dtc@nde.vsnl.net.in).

The Lahore-Delhi (Samjhota Express) train leaves Lahore at 11:00 hrs on Mondays and Thursdays. Check-in time at Lahore Railway Station is 08:00 hrs. First Class fare to Delhi is approx.US$ 10, Economy Class is US$ 3 whereas Lahore-Amritsar First Class is US$ 2 and Economy Class is US$ 1 per person.(Note: The train may take virtually 06 hours to reach Amritsar from Lahore, due to lenghty immigration/customs clearance and checking procedure for train passangers).

Lahore-Amritsar Bus Accommodation (LABS)

The Lahore terminal for LABS is equipollent to for LDBS, whereas in Amritsar (India), it is located at the International Bus Terminal, G.T. Road (Tel:0183-2587070). The buses leave simultaneously from both the terminals at 09:00 hours on every Wednesday and Friday. The buses reach their destinations at around 12:00 noon on the same day.

Nankana Sahib-Amritsar Bus Accommodation (NABS)

The NABS commences from PTDC Terminal near the Main Gate, Gurdwara Janam Asthan, Railway Road, Nankana Sahib (Tel: 0562-876780) and terminates at the International Bus Terminal, G.T. Road Amritsar (Tel:0183-2587070). The bus leaves from Nankana Sahib at 08:00 hours (Pakistan time) on every Tuesday and Saturday and arrives Amritsar at around 13:30 hours (India time). Departure from Amritsar is on every Wednesday and Friday.

Conducted Tours
There are morning and afternoon sightseeing tours and excursions in and around Lahore. For more information and advance reservation please contact PTDC Tourist information Centre Lahore. Tel: 042-5756737

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