Gujranwala located in Northwestern Punjab is the 5th largest city in Pakistan with a population of over 4 million. If you pass Gujranwala on the main hwy at night you will be drawn in by the glitter of buildings and shops. By day Gujranwala is bustling with activity.

This well developed city has numerous modern department stores, motels, newly equipped hospitals and many elite standard universities, and is known to have some of the finest cuisine in Pakistan. Gujranwala is haven for sports enthusiasts and businessmen from around the world as well as tourists and visitors locally and internationally
Gujranwala is a main industrial and commercial centre manufacturing ceramics, iron safes, copper, aluminum and brass utensils, and is an industrial park for textiles, silk, auto parts, military equipment and the list goes on. Gujranwala exports numerous goods worldwide. It’s no wonder that world’s largest record-breaking padlock was made here. The city also transports many of the areas agricultural products, grains, melons, and sugarcane just to name a few.

Gujranwala has an international standard stadium for Cricket matches and is home to Mr. Pakistan Olympia. This is a great place to shop wholesale, and at the same time relax and enjoy fine facilities, food, and fun.
People in Gujranwala have a peculiar style of cooking, roasting, grilling, seasoning and frying meat on coal, in TANOORS (local mud Stoves) or on grills. Their specialty lies in their recipes, passed down from generation to generation where a unique blend of spices give the meat a traditional taste that brings people to the restaurants of Gujranwala from all over Pakistan. Other restaurants include Mirchi offering a Punjabi taste, Nandos having an African taste, as well as other international franchises.

Gujranwala is located on G.T. road connected to Islamabad and Lahore. It has an airport with commercial airlines that can take visitors from Thana India to Gujranwala in a quick 1 hr and 47 minute flight. The city is also connected by rail with Peshawar and Lahore. Sheikhupura and Sialkot are only approximately 33 miles away.

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