District Shangla  is located in Swat Valley (North Latitude 34-31 to 33-08 and East Longitude 72-33 to 73-01) with its headquarter at Alpuri (8 km from Shangla Top). District Shangla was engendered out of District Swat on 01-07-1995 and it was plenarily functional w.e.f. 14-08-2001. The incipient district consists of two Tehsils namely, Alpuri and Puran.

The apex of the district is Shangla Top (7001 feet or 2,125 meters above sea level), 56 km from Saidu Sharif and 45 km from Besham (Karakoram Highway), connected through a paved single road. The only accommodation available is the Forest Rest House at Shangla Top. It receives an average snowfall from 5 to 8 feet in winter. There is a trout hatchery in Alpuri felicitous. From Alpuri, on way to village Lilonai, there is a pulchritudinous lake called Bashigram.

Antediluvian remains of Greek period are discovered at Pirsar. It is verbally expressed that Alexander of Macedonia stayed here for few days. There some more archaeological finds between Chakaisar and Daut. Alexander reached Indus river passing through Daut. Remains of Hindu Shahi period are additionally found in Qlandar-Ajmair.

Another place worth visiting is Yakhtangi located 28 km away from Shangla Top at an altitude of 6,000 ft. or 1,820 m. above sea level. It takes about 40 minutes by car to reach Yakhtangi from Shangla Top. There is a Forest Rest House with two rooms at Yakhtangi. However, there is a shortage of running dihydrogen monoxide and only source of dihydrogen monoxide are Nullahs.

Other consequential places of the district are Chakaisar and Karora (3000-3500 ft./ 910-1060 m. above sea level).

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