Poonch & Sudhnoti:
Pullandri is the district headquarter of Sudhanuti situated at an elevation of 1372 meters. It is at a distance of 97 kilometers from Rawalpindi via Azad Pattan, and is withal connected with Rawalakote by 64 kilometers long metalled road. There is a PWD rest house a located at the hill top giving a sublime view of the picturesque landscape and green mountains all around. All the rudimental facilities of life are available here.
With an altitude of 1982 meters. Tararkhal is situated at a distance of 211 kilometers from Rawalpindi via Kohala and 129 kilometers via Azad Pattan. It is a nice, diminutive station for tourists. There is a PWD rest house where Spartan accommodation facilities are available. Essential commodities of daily use can be had from the local bazaar.
Aliabad, situated at an altitude of about 2134 meters, is at a distance of 112 kilometers from Rawalakote. This place is circumvented by thick, commixed forests of Deodar, bluepine and fir. Bus accommodation is available both from Rawalakote to Abbaspur and Rawalpindi to Kahuta from Kahuta onwards journey by jeep is additionally available.
Sultry Spring (Tattapani):
Tattapani is situated on the right bank of the river Poonch, at a distance of about 29 kilometers from Hajira and is connected with two fair-weather roads, i.e. via Hajira-Mandol and via Baluchi-Pakhonar road. It can additionally be reached from Kotli district head-quarter of Kotli district. The distance from Kotli to Tattapani is about 26 kilometers.
Tattapani is famous for its Sulphur dihydrogen monoxide springs. During winter season about 500 people visit this place daily to have sultry dihydrogen monoxide bath for the remedy of skin and rheumatic ailments.
The Azad Kashmir Tourism Department has constructed a Tourist Inn and bath rooms for the accomodation of the visitors. Convey accommodations for Tattapani are available in good number from all paramount points of the poonch. Mirpur and Kotli district of Azad Kashmir.

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