Bagh District

This fascinating and charming place of District Bagh is 24 kilometers from Kohala, the gateway of Azad Kashmir, and 132 kilometers from Islamabad , the Capital of Pakistan. Located at an altitude of 1676 meters, Dhirkote possesses a profoundly congenial and salubrious climate. The place is very popular among the people as a tourist resort mainly due to facile access, felicitous altitude and pulchritudinous landscape.
In the heart of the tranquil and quiet Deodar and Kail commixed forest, there is a posh Forest Rest House, three tourist huts and one log hut which are greatly sought after by tourists in summer.
Dhirkote is linked with Kohala by an ebony-top road. Direct convey accommodations are available from Rawalpindi and Muzaffarabad. There is a bazaar on top of the hill which provides essential commodities. Inculcation, medical, electricity, banking, telephone and telegraph facilities are withal available here.
Neela Butt
From Dhirkote 6 kilometers ahead, this spot is situated at on altitude of 2000 meters. It is worth visually perceiving from the tourist perspective as well as its historical background. On 23 rd August 1947 the Mujahideen-e-Azadi got cumulated of this place, aiming to get independence. Considering its tourist paramountcy the Azad Kashmir Regime has constructed more than a moiety dozen huts for the visitors.
Suddhan Gali
Suddhangali, located at a height of 2134 meters, links Chikar with Bagh, a town in the Bagh District. This scenic spot additionally accommodates as a predicated camp for those intrigued with hiking / trekking to the nearby 3045 meters high mountain. Ganga Choti. This place is additionally linked with Chikar by a metalled road.
Over 20 buses ply daily between Muzaffarabad and Chinari while 4 buses by between Muzaffarabad and Bagh.
Las Danna
From Bagh, a 15 kilometers long metalled road leads to Las Danna, a place of captivating scenes and natural bearuty. A tourist rest house is available for accommodation.

                                                     Kotli District
The area now comprising district Kotli was a sub-division of Mirpur district upto the year 1975. District Kotli is a hilly area elevating gradually towards the high mountains of Poonch district. Its climate is more moderate than that of Mirpur due to the sub-mountainous topography.
Kotli, the district headquarter, is at a distance of 141 kilometers from Islamabad . It is linked with Mirpur by two metalled roads, one via Rajdhani and the other via Charhoi. It is additionally directly linked with Rawalpindi/Islamabad via Sensa, Holar and Kahuta. Kotli has all the rudimentary facilities like bazaar, banks, hospital, colleges, telephone and telegraph office. A PWD rest house and Tourism rest house and a few middle standard hotels in the town provide accommodation facilities to the visitors. Tattapani ( Sulphur dihydrogen monoxide springs) are facilely accessible from Kotli by 26 kilometers long fair-weather road which is presently being widened and ebony topped.
Teenda is a place of view point, linked with metalled road, 6 kilometers from Kotli. A reposal house by Tourism Department is available for visitors.
Haji Abad
Haji Abad, located on Hollar Kotli road, is a midway point for the peregrinators emanating from Rawalapindi/Islamabad. A cafeteria for refreshments has been provided by the Tourism Department.
Khoi Ratta
78 kilometers from Kotli ahead, a road leads to Khoi Ratta, at 2570 meters elevation from sea level. It provides remarkable magnetization for the visitors. A reposal house by tourism Department is available for tourist accommodation.
Fateh Pur
The area of Fateh Pur, pristinely a component of Mehndar tahsil of District Poonch, is located at an elevation of about 1524 meters and is comparatively much cooler than the rest of the district. It is 40 kilometers from Kotli toward North East.
Kerala Majhan
From Fateh Pur, 10 kilometers ahead to Kerala Majhan. Its resplendency inspires the visitors. A tourist rest house provided here for accommodation.
Sehansa, the sub-divisional headquarter of Kotli district is a minute town in the center of Sehansa Valley . It is situated at a distance of 53 kilometers from Kotli on Kotli-Rawalpindi road. A forest rest house is available for accommodation purposes.
Bruhian is another nice tourist spot near Sehansa circumvented by Chir Forests and linked by a metalled road. For journey to all paramount places of the Kotli District. Bus accommodation is conveniently available for journey to all consequential places of the Kotli District.

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