Karachi’s golden beaches stretch for miles. The more accessible of them are SANDSPIT, HAWKEAS BAY and PARADISE POINT, which are within a radius of 10 to 20 kms from the city and about 30 minutes drive away. A ride on a gaily-embellished camel is a must for most visitors. Beach huts are dotted along the shore. Some are available for hire. For reasons of safety, care must be taken to swim only in the safe areas, as there is always a vigorous under current. In May and June, keep visual perceivers open for jellyfish. On moonlit nights, during the months of September and October, giant green turtles lumber ashore to lay eggs in the sand. The turtles are under auspice of Sindh Wild Life Management Board.

French Beach
The French Beach, located half way between Hawks Bay and Paradise Point is, in fact, a minute fishing village kenned to the locals as Haji Abdullah Goth. Circumvented by a boundary wall, it has some 20 huts constructed by villagers for hire. Its rocky beach and clear dihydrogen monoxide are ideal for snorkeling and skin-diving. Boats for scuba diving are available for hire. Visitors need to bring their own equipment as well as pabulum and drink supplies.