Islamabad is the Capital of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The city
was built between 1960 – 1970 to replace Karachi as the capital.
The idea of the national capital of Islamabad was conceived by President
Ayub Khan (1907–1974). Karachi had been the capital because it was
Pakistan’s commercial center, but it was not considered an appropriate
administrative center due to many issues and therefore a planned city
became a necessity..
Before this it was just a small village, a part of which still exists with its
mud houses and typical village life. Islamabad is a city of modern
architecture. Today Pakistan’s new Capital ISLAMABAD nestles against the
backdrop of the Margala Hills and offers a very healthy climate, pollution
free atmosphere, plenty of water and lush green area that are not part of
any other city in Pakistan. It is a modern and well planned city with green
belts, large houses elegant public buildings and well-organized markets
and shopping places. Initially there were rarely crowds or traffic jams and
few narrow lanes or slums; however with the increase in population these
problem started to emerge in this city and immediately measures were
taken by federal Government to get on top of these. Projects like widening
of roads, building under passes, bridges were inaugurated back in 2005 by
the existing Federal Government. The walkways of Islamabad shaded &
safe and separated from the traffic by rows of flame trees. Roses,
Jasmines & a broad variety of flowers fill the parks and scenic
viewpoints shoe the city to its best advantage.

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