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Trip To Naran,Hunza Khunjrab & Deosai Skardu(August 12 – August 20)

Trip To Naran,Hunza Khunjrab & Deosai Skardu We, The Pakistan Tours Guide , pleased to announce 8 Days / 8 Nights Trip To Naran , Hunza Valley (Khunjrab pass ) & Skardu,Deosai ========================= #Attraction :- Naran | Babusarpass |Read more

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7 Days Trip To ‪Skardu‬,‎Deosai‬‪,Naran‬,‎Saif-ul-Malook‬ ‬‬(24 July To 30 July,2016)

7 Days Trip to Skardu‬,‎Deosai‬‪,Naran‬,‎Saif-ul-Malook Trip Details: ~Package From ‪#‎Lahore‬: 21,500/- ~Package From ‪#‎Sialkot‬: 21,000/- ~Package From ‪#‎Islamabad‬: 20,500/- Attractions: Skardu ‬Naran‬ Deosai‬ Shigar‬ Saif-ul-Malook‬ Shangrila‬ Resort Skardu Shangrila Resort Skardu “Heaven on Earth” Shangrila Resort Skardu, also knownRead more

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