(Last Updated On: December 18, 2017)

Lahore Museum
This museum was established during the British Raj in 1864. It exhibits a consummate cross-section of the Culture and History of the region with infrequent and best accumulation of the Buddhist art from the Gandhara Period, Islamic artifacts, Calligraphy, Old Manuscripts, Arms, Costumes and Jewelry.

Fakir Khana Museum
A prodigiously and sizably voluminous and fascinating private Museum kenned as Faqirkhana lies inside the Bhatti Gate and is worth visiting. The museum houses a variety of old paintings, including some by great masters, pristine manuscripts in different languages and artifacts from South East Asia and the Indo-Pak sub-continent.

Shakir Ali Museum
This museum was authentically Shakir’s House at 93, Tipu Block, Incipient Garder Town, Lahore, which he made for himself. After his death it was bought by Idara-I-Saqafat-e-Pakistan and formally turned into a museum on April 3rd, 1976. The conception behind it was not only to preserve the great artist’s paintings and other masterpieces under one roof but additionally to open this accumulation of modern and traditional architecture to the public.

Mughal Museum
Situated at Poonch house, Multan Road, Lahore it was established in 1950. This is an Industrial and commercial Museum, which is betokened to depict country’s economic resources both in the form of raw products and worked objects. Its amassment is arranged in one gallery and one sizeable voluminous hall of the building. The main hall exhibits a range of variety of material such as well plated musical instruments, table lamps of camel skin from Multan and Bhawalpur, cotton, silken-woolen and embroidered textiles from all consequential cites of Pakistan.