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Surrounded by some of mighty peaks like Rakaposhi, Ultar, Diran. Hunza Valley is a destination that one should visit to have best time in life. In all the seasons of Hunza Valley Cherry Blossom is one of the best and special season that one should visit to see a different color of Hunza Valley. In the blossom, all of the valley wears  the color of white and pink with the beautiful and mesmerzing weather and views of Seven thousanders snow peaks. Along with the seasonal views of valley, Hunza Valley also known for its history. The valley offers tourists with some of the best historical spots as well like Altit Fort. Baltit Fort and Ganesh Settlement.

Hunza Valley Cherry Blossom Tour

Hunza Valley is a paradise for trekkers, mountaineers, photographers and nature lovers. Rivers and waters-falls are in abundance.  Facilities are improving by every passing day in this Group Tour. Nanga Parbat View point, and Three mighty mountain ranges conjunction point are famous places on way while going to Hunza Valley. People are lovely and nice. See Pakistan Tours always tries to present nice cost effective tours in reasonable prices. Hunza Valley Cherry Blossom Tour is group tour with open invitations to honeymoon people, couples, Couples with kids, families, ladies, students. Come join us from lahore, karachi or Islamabad and get exciting tour to remember years after.

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