Sibi Mela

Sibi Mela is a cultural festival that has been regularly organized over the past centuries. Basically a livestock trade venue, the festival is considered as an extension of Mehrgarh Civilization (world’s second oldest agricultural settlement) where domestication of animals was a practice. Per tradition, a large number of livestock breeders gather every spring at Sibi town for sale/purchase, competition and display of various breeds of camels, cattle and goats.
Sibi Mela has a great significance for the people of this region in Balochistan. Sibi’s Community is so much associated with the festival that they plan marriages; settle debts etc. around the date set for the Mela every year. Sibi remained the principal seat for convening the Shahi Jirga in olden times, mostly to settle tribal disputes. Still, the Local Bodies Convention is arranged at the conclusion of Sibi Mela. Of the twelve months in a year, it is said that, Sibians spend six months to prepare for the Mela and the remaining six months to remember it.
Other activities include appreciating natural beauty of Sibi’s terrain and visiting cultural sites. Irrigation Weirs at Bolan River and the Nari Gorge are chief attractions for picnic. The shrine of Sufi saint Mulla Muali alias Akhund Pir is another spot of interest where families approach for outing. Akhund Pir is also the site of oldest graves around Sibi. A small lake/water pond is also being developed for the public. Hillocks in Mal Gwaran offer view of the Sibi plains including arid zone agriculture and spate irrigation.
National Highway (N-65) and Talli Road offer long drive out and occasional spots to stop by. Bolan Pass offers picnic points while Kachhi Plains offer visits to old, historic mausoleums and shrines. The Sohbat Serai at Sibi is an old historic caravanserai built in 1920 by Sardar Sohbat Khan Gola. It is being restored and developed as the complex of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) in Balochistan.
Horse & Cattle Show

Each of the five days begins with the track events at Sibi Mela Ground where Chief Guest of the day is received. Track events include cattle parade, band performances, calisthenics show, horse riding & tent pegging, cultural folk dances and a host of other activities.
Exhibition of Arts/Crafts, Products & Services

Exhibition Center or Numaish Ground is the other major venue of Sibi Mela. It comprises over one hundred stalls & enclosures where service providers display and market their services. These include Government Departments and private sellers, promoters and stakeholders. Agriculture, Forest & Wildlife, Lasbela Industrial Estate Development Authority (LIEDA) and Small Industries Department are counted as best stall organizers of all time.
Music & Cultural Nights

Jirga Hall Sibi is a heritage park and cultural complex of Sibi. Its auditorium is the largest in Balochistan with a capacity of 1500 people/seats. During Sibi Mela, the auditorium remains occupied day & night as various programs are held for various audience. In the evenings, musical nights inside the auditorium form the greatest entertainment around Balochistan. A small museum of local artifacts has been also set up in the historic Jirga Hall (Victoria Memorial) an elegant building constructed in 1903 when Sibi town was founded.
Fireworks at Night

Fireworks at Night

Fireworks at Night

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