Shah Shams Tabrez

Alos located in the mytsic city of Multan is the famous shrine of Shah Shams Tabrez.The saint came from Baghdad and died in 1276 AD. The shrine was built in 1330 AD. The Tomb is square, 30 feet in height, surrounded by a hemispherical dome. Some other shrines of noticable importanc eint he city of Multan are:

Shrine- Jamal-ud-Din Syed “Shah Yousaf Gardez”
Shrine-Bibi Pak Daman
Shrine-Hameed-ud-Din Hakim
Shrine-Qutab-al-qutaab “Moj Dariya”
Shrine-Qazi Qutab-ud-Din Kashani
Shrine-Syed Hasan Khanjzee
Shrine-Abu Hassan Hafiz Jamal-ud-din “Musa Pak Shaheed”
Shrine-Hafiz Muhammad Jamal Chisti Nazami
Shrine-Pir Chup Wardi Waly
Shrine-Allama Syed Ahmad Saeed Kazmi
Shrine-Pir Syed Wali Muhammad Shah(Chadar Wali Sarkar)
Shrine-Hazrat Gul Shah

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