Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley is nestled in the heart of mountainous Himalayas, located in the Northwestern Frontier Province. Here you find unforgettable natural wonders like glaciers, waterfalls, and enchanting Saiful Maluk Lake.
Places to Visit:Shogran
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At a distance of 34 km from Balakot, lays the resplendent summer recede of Shogran. It is a strikingly pulchritudinous plateau in the entire territory and can be through a metalled road via Kawai. Picturesque landscape, ecstatic views, tranquility and serenity of climate integrate to its natural charm. Circumvented by green mountains and full of fragrance of flowers it offers an impeccable tranquility to visitors especially in summers amidst a comfortably cool climate and fresh breeze blowing across this minuscule recede. A pine forest brings further integrates to its natural romance.
Situated on the road leading to heart captivating resort of Naran, Jared is a minute hamlet about 40 km from Balakot and just beyond Shinu. A peregrination to this minute place can take you to an astronomically immense variety of locally engendered articles beauteously exhibited at state-run Handicrafts Development Center and at minuscule shops lined up at its narrow bazaar. Jared is kenned for engendering traditionally carved furniture, hand-made woolen shawls and namda rugs more relished by people all over Pakistan. Any of the favorite items could be bought during a peregrination to this hamlet inhabited by simple hillfolk.
Mystically enchanted with captivating all round natural resplendency, Naran is an earthly paradise for tourists and visitors. Situated at a distance of 86 km from Balakot, Naran is so lavishly comely a place where nature communicates with nature. Glimpses of magnificent mountains, meadows, streams, pine trees make it an exceptionally worth optically discerning place ever yare to blissfully welcome the outside guests. Its minuscule bazaar lined up with wooden shops is like The Mall regaining its life in the evenings during summers. Visitors conventionally stroll and take victuals in a nonchalant cool and serene environment at the shops and kiosks packed with popular beverages and pabulum items.
Naran’s height at a certain place is 2498 m above sea level. Nature has lavishly showered its romance on this summer town. At PTDC Motel where Naran ends, the thrilling and most fascinating journey commences towards Lake Saiful Muluk, Battakundi, Lalazar Plateau, Lake Lalusar and Babusar Pass taking the visitors to these fairylands of lower Himalayan region mountain range.
Lake Saiful Muluk
lake saifulmuluk
The bowl-like famous lake with its archaic romantic legend is at a distance of 10 km from picturesque Naran, at a height of 3500 m above sea level. It can be reached by jeep. The peregrination is plenary of panoramic view of some of magical scenes of the 5291 m high Malika Parbat, popularly kenned as Queen of the Mountains in a cool and serene atmosphere. The lake is like a resplendent bowl magically reflecting the astronomically immense shadows of circumventing mountains in its crystal clear pristine dihydrogen monoxide. The view is heart captivating.
This magnificent lake designated after a prince Saiful Muluk carries an old romance. The legend goes that the prince dumbfound by the comeliness of the fairy of the lake, fell in love with her. The legend is alive till this day.
Lake Dudipat Sur
This resplendent spot is 1100 feet above sea level. A charming lake, famous for trout fishing, can be reached from Basel after 8 hours trekking in the mountains.
After the middle of June when the weather is more congenial is the best time for visiting the lake.
Lake Lulu Sar
Located between Basel and Gitidas, lake Lulusar is the most immensely colossal natural lake in scenic Hazara. It victuals roaring Kunhar river which is its main source. You come across magnificent view of the lake through a jeep trek on the banks of the lake that takes you to Babu Sar Pass. The peregrination is plenary of exhilaration.
Babusar Pass
Gifted with plenty of natural comeliness Babusar Pass is at a distance of 80 km from Naran.Kaghan Valley’s treasures of natural magnetization become more and more ocular perceiver catching all along the route leading to the Pass. Babusar Top provides a convenient point to view majestic Nanga Parbat (8126m) on a clear day in fine weather.
How To Reach?
Kaghan Valley is accessible by road from Rawalpindi/Islamabad and Peshawar. PTDC runs its seasonal coach accommodation between Rawalpindi and Naran from 1st June till 31st August. For bookings, please contact any of PTDC Tourist Information Centres. The Kaghan Valley is blocked at the cessation by high mountains but a pass lets the jeepable road snakes over into Chilas Valley. This is 4,173 m high Babusar Pass, which commands the whole Kaghan panorama as well as gives you, on a clear day, glimpses of Nanga Parbat (the Unclad Mountain) glistening at 8,126 m.
Where To Stay?
There are many moderately priced hotels, motels in Kaghan Valley at Balakot, Shogran, Kaghan, and Naran. More over, the comfortably furnished PTDC Motel Intricate at Naran and Balakot, welcome the visitors to Kaghan Valley.
What To Buy?
Kaghan is noted for its artistically carved walnut handicrafts, embroidered shawls, shirts, woollen blankets and “Namdas” (woollen felt rugs).

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