Bhurban is located 9 km from the city of Murree in the heights of Murree Hills. At Bhurban you can relish fun filled activities where you can experience the per stein scenery from a panoramic view while playing golf, dining out, or heedfully auricularly discerning musicians.
Places to Visit
There are many comely hotels with terraces where you can relish breathtaking views after which you can relish exquisite cuisine at its finest. Nice buffets are available and musical concerts with Pakistani singers integrate to memorable fun filled nights. Relish one of the major Golf tournaments that are held here and have fun playing golf on Bhurban’s first class nine aperture mini golf course. A wide variety of animal life not found anywhere else in Pakistan is found in the area that circumvents Bhurban. The fauna variety in the city as well as the outskirts is the most sizable voluminous in Pakistan.

1.Visitors love the ever so majestic view of the mountains


2.Tourists say, they are fond of the sight of the hotel itself


3.The lush greens within the hotel always make people feel lighthearted

pc3-640x4014.The French designed interior makes people feel they are abroad


5.This is how astonishing PC Bhurban looks when the Sun is out


6.The hotel’s restaurant opens to the mountains from its balcony


7.This is how the stupendous PC Bhurban looks when it snows – awe-inspiring


8.They’ve got the loveliest bakery called ‘Bakers Boutique’ in Bhurban


9.The pool just goes exotic when it rains, don’t you wish you were here?


10.And the most serene part of the hotel, the maple-leaf chamber


11.Luckily, there’s always a tonga/chariot waiting for you to escape


12.When bored, just go downstairs for a hookah in paradise



13.The conference room doesn’t let the most leading executives run away

pc12 (1)


14.With the amazing food, there’s a gym to keep you fit as well – combo



15.Just hope the bedrooms don’t force you to stay in too often..


16.On your honeymoon? They’ve got the perfect candle-light dinner spots



17.5-star Chefs make sure you eat the best food known to man



In Bhurban you will find first class five sta hotel known as PC (Pearl Continental) Bhurban, located on the Golf Club premises. In additament there are many other rest houses to cull from in the pulchritudinous city of Bhurban, Once you experience Bhurban it will be top on your list of places to return.

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