• Satpara Lake
    Satpara Lake
  • Satpara Lake Top View
    Satpara Lake Top View
  • Boating at Satpara Lake
    Boating at Satpara Lake
  • Satpara Wallpaper
    Satpara Wallpaper
  • Snow at Satpara Lake
    Snow at Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake is basically a natural lake that falls in the vicinity of Skardu in the Gilgit-Baltistan province of Pakistan. This lake is basically one of the primary sources of water that goes to the Skardu Valley. Since ancient times, this lake has been receiving water by the streams of Satpara. This lake is based 2,626 metres above the sea level which is equivalent to 8,650 feet. This lake spreads over an area spanning 2.5 km-square. Following the construction of Satpara dam on the downstream side, the size of the lake has increased considerably.

Attractions at Satpara Lake:

Satpara Lake with its marvelous and breathtaking beauty is considered one of the most charming lakes among tourists. The lake’s crystal clear waters present a marvelous and picturesque view to visitors by mirroring the icy mountains; encircled around the lake. One can do fishing, motor boating and rowing at the lake. Fishing gear, row boats and motor boats can be hired from Satpara Lake Inn. Fishing gear is very cheap to hire although cost of fishing license is US $10 for one person.

Accommodation at Satpara Lake:

If you are planning a trip to the Satpara Lake, then you will come across various hotels that will charge you reasonably. You can check out various hotels and then rent a car to Deosai which is at a height of 4000 metres above sea level and then come back to Skardu in the evening. The best time to check out Deosai would be early morning as you will be able to enjoy sunrise from 4000 metres with the cloud beneath you. The whole feeling is absolutely marvellous which is why, Satpara Lake is a place worth visiting if you have a fetish for mountains and lakes.

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