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Banjosa Lake is located near Rawalakot in Azad Kashmir. An artificial lake at an altitude of 1981 meters, a manmade land because of its resplendent and astonishing views and fabulous garden, is very famous tourist spot with vivacious trees and colorful flowers. Facilitated with swings and slides the spot is a magnetization for kids as well. Banjosa Lake is circumvented by mountains and lush green garden abundant with flowers and trees, this is a very resplendent minuscule lake.
How to reach there?
Banjosa Lake situated 12 km away from Rawalakot city. Through Kahuta road it takes 3 hours from Rawalpindi to reach Rawalakot. The breathtaking scenery is regaled visitors throughout the peregrination. From Rawalakot city Banjousa lake is 20 minutes away. Another way to access to this lake emanates from Rawalpindi to Mangla, Kotli then Khaigala and eventually reaches at fantastic resplendency of Banjousa Lake. On the way there are many comely natural views and the roads are very well maintained.
In close proximity there are some other spots like Jandali 4 kilometers, Devi Gali 12 kilometers and Toli Pir 42 kilometers from this lake. All these places reflect the opulent natural resplendency waiting for the visitors to come and explore the natural resplendency.
There are some luxurious guest house and hotels in Banjosa Lake. AJK Regime built some fascinating resorts around lake, to be booked from AJK office in Rawalakot. Some private hotels and restaurants are additionally built at ambulating distance of lake, they offer ambrosial repasts with all other facilities at economical prices. Since Banjosa Lake is famous tourist point and magnetizes an astronomically immense number of visitors in summer, advance room reservation is recommended.
Things to do
Captivation comeliness of Banjosa, the artificial Lake reflects in reposing calm dihydrogen monoxide. Banjosa Lake is the only orchestrated tourist resort in the area. Stay in nearby constructed rest houses in the circumventions of lake is a delectable experience. One can relish boating and reading a book or having an iPod while sitting around could be a good conception.
Boating in lake is available, visitors especially children and women enjoy boating in pleasant weather under the shade of tall pine trees. In winter due to snowfall boating facility is not offered. Boating charge for a person is Rs.200 which can go high in summer season depending upon demand.

Video Guide of Banjosa Lake Rawalakot Azad Kashmir:

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