The Mall Road:
Mall road is the famous rialto in Murree. A road full of life, hotels, restaurants, handicraft shops and ecstatic faces. People who visit Murree, get their rooms on Mall road. This is the place where people just walk till 2am or 3am in morning and relish the comely weather.
It has bazaar downstairs, like 10 feet below the main Mall road. This is a place of shopping for visitors. Mall road is utilized to ambulate around and to have aliment.
It can be best visited after the sunset. if you optate to preserve time visit hills at day time and Mall Road at night when you have to just shop or dine. It is a slope starting from General Post Office. Pabulum & misc. sovenier shops are situated on the both sides of Road. It is open till midnight. You can buy everything at Mall and dine a variety of Pakistani dishes.
Pindi Point:

Pindi point is one of the prime points to visit in Murree. It is 15 minutes walk from mall road. It has a resplendent view of vallies and mountains. You can optically discern Pindi city from there. Chairlift rides go down 1.5 km from Pindi Point to Bansara Gali are authentically relishable. Scenary from chair hoist is magnificent. Zigzag road passes below. Great pine trees stand throughout the peregrination. When go down the valley there is a cessation point. You can relish a lot there. There is a coffee shop & children play land. Hills of Patriata can be optically discerned there. A great jungle commences there. You can relish tracking. Chair hoist is open from 9am till 6 pm.
Kashmir Point:
eave Mall road from other end, going up GPO and ambulate for fifteen minutes, about 1 km it will leads to Kashmir point. You may hike up the Kashmir point. The way passing by the Cadet College Murree goes towards the Murree Residence of the President of Pakistan.
It has a pulchritudinous optical discernment optically discerning. You can visually perceive Kashmir mountains from this point. It is the highest spot in Murree and due to incrementing rush on Mall road, this point is taking visitor’s attention day by day.
Now it has a long bazaar, an ecstasy land and lots of victualing places. Most of the visitors came to facilitate down and relax in Murree and need a quite place to live so they prefer to book a room in Kashmir point in lieu of Mall road.
Patriata(Incipient Murree):
Incipient Murree is about 15 kilometer away from main Murree hills on the Lower Topa side. It is a well developed hill station with great high elevated trees, pulchritudinous hills.
This is famous due to chair hoist, which worth a ride. A world class chair hoist & cable car system takes you from Incipient Murree to Patriata. Total ride is about 7 km long. Incipient Murree is on ground level between the hills. Here you have to buy the ticket for Chair Hoist + Cable Car which is Rs. 200/- then a chair hoist ride takes you to a middle hill. You can visually examine Kashmir mountains from middle Hill where Chair Hoist takes you. You may stay here for some time & relish Tea/Coffee or just walk around. From there Cable car takes you to Patriata Hill. where you have much stuff to do. Ambulate liberatingly everywhere. Just walk in the direction where most of the tourists are peregrinated. Straight road takes you to the apex of the hill. Where scenary is panoramic. On one side you can visually examine Murree Hills & on the other side snow covered Kashmir Hills.
The Chair Hoist & Cable Car journey is memorable of life time. You can witness lots of great scenaries of near & far hills. In winter all hills are covered with snow while in summer lush green scenaris could be visually perceived.
You may peregrinate with a horse but ASK/FINE-TUNE CHARGES afore leaving otherwise they will charge you an extravagant amount. Similary don’t hire a guide within patriata. People will come around you like they are availing you in taking pictures but then they ask immensely colossal amount for those accommodations.
Private car from Murree charges about Rs. 800/- for return journey. Driver will leave you at the gate of TDCP PATRIATA RESORT at Incipient Murree & then take you back to Murree when you’ve culminated.
You can’t stay there for long. Last cable car is at 5 pm which take every visitor back. At that time a person goes all the way whistling to check if there is any one left and then take last cable car.
River Neelam:
It is a nice place to have a picnic. People use to have snack and lunch at the corner of this river or sometimes in it. One can feel the gelid wind and cool dihydrogen monoxide which inclines to be the best thing in summer. Relish the peregrination to this river Neelam, Mountains covered with lush green trees and high slopes of mountains engenders an ocular perceiver catching view. One don’t get acquainted with the time if relishing this cool wind and dihydrogen monoxide there.
Bhurban, boosting with five star Pearl Continental Hotel owned by Pakistan’s best hotel chain and a nine aperture Golf course has cropped recently as another tourist magnetization in Murree area. Lying at an altitude of 6000 ft, Bhurban is situated at a distance of 13 kilometers from Murree on one of main roads leading to Azad Kashmir.
People use to visit Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban which is on pulchritudinous location. It has rooms starting from Rs. 10,ooo/- per day which changes according to season. It has an ingression fee of Rs. 300/- which you can spend in the hotel in any activity. There is a Helicopter Pad which has a pulchritudinous valley view.
Kuldana is the denomination of an astronomically comely hill, which spreads over a lush green area of about five square kilometers. The area is densely populated by an astronomically immense variety of trees and plants and inhabited by sundry kinds of wild life species specially birds, butterflies and monkeys. At times snow leopards, cheetahs and jackals can withal be visually perceived crossing roads and tracks.
Upper Topa and Lower Topa:
Upper Topa and Lower Topa comprise the Murree Hills in Murree. Established by the British during their rule of the subcontinent, it is located at an altitude of 7000 ft and provides a congenial getaway for tourists in the scorching summer. The winter season often covers Upper Topa with a blanket of snow. Upper Topa and Lower Topa comprise the Murree Hills in Murree. Established by the British during their rule of the subcontinent, it is located at an altitude of 7000 ft and provides a congenial getaway for tourists in the scorching summer. The winter season often covers Upper Topa with a blanket of snow.

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