What to EAT:Probably because of Multan’s close proximity to the desert, camels are utilized for conveyance and eaten by many of Multan’s denizens. Camel meat is lean and the milk is highly prized, concretely cherished for its high fat content. If you optate a taste of camel perhaps here is a good place to get some if you’re auspicious. There are numerous restaurants in Multan including a McDonalds franchise.


If your visiting in the summer you have to sample the astronomically immense variety of saccharine mango’s that are grown in the area and are available in abundance in the markets and along the roads. Have a mango milk shake and purchase a few crates to take home to your friends and family.

Endeavor some of Hafiz Habib-ur-Rahmans Hawa, on Hussain Agahi Road, Multan. The halwa has been renowned throughout the ages for its wondrous flavour and energy giving properties

Hafiz Sohan Halwa

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