Places to Visit in Multan:Be sure to visit the many markets and bazzars especially the Hussain Agahi Bazaar. Hussain Agahi Bazaar ranks amongst the most fascinating bazaars in the world, here you will find Multan’s handmade crafts that are not only cherished in Multan for their quality, but exported to every corner of the world, and passed down as heirlooms. Because of the love and care that goes into the composition of each item the quality is unsurpassed.

Watch artists ornately hand paint brightly colored camel leather items. Being the ‘City of Saints’ of course phrenic conceptions of sagacity must be recorded, adept calligraphers paint on paper and carve into stone, copper, and leather not only words, but oeuvres that took years to idealize. Especially prized is the calligraphy that is indited in such fine detail it takes a microscope to optically discern.

If you’re staying for a couple days be sure to purchase some cloth and go to the tailors for a custom made suit. Multan engenders some of the finest cotton on earth.

Mosques in Multan

Sawi Mosque is one of the oldest Mosques in Multan, though it is without a roof and most of its adornments have been damaged and are in a deplorable shape. Nobody kens who built it.

Jamia Mosque was constructed on the orders of Muhammad Bin Qasim who surmounted Multan in 712 AD.

Ali Muhammad Khan Mosque is an excellent building situated in the most diligent bazar of the city. It was built by Nawab Ali Muhammad Khan in 1757 when he was the Governor of Multan.

The Eidgah is situated about a mile to the north of the Fort area. It was built in] 735 AD by Nawab Abdul Samad Khan when he was the Viceroy of Multan. The mosque provides an astronomical courtyard and a sizably voluminous prayer chamber

Famous Shrines in Multan

Shrine of Shah-Rukn-i-Alam
Shrine of Bahudin Zakria
Shrine of Shah Shams Tabrez

Some other popular shrines are

Shrine-Bibi Pak Daman
Shrine-Hameed-ud-Din Hakim
Shrine-Qutab-al-qutaab “Moj Dariya”
Shrine-Syed Pir Sakhi Shah Hassan Parwana
Shrine-Qazi Qutab-ud-Din Kashani
Shrine-Syed Hasan Khanjzee
Shrine-Hazrat Shah Dana Shaheed
Shrine-Abu Hassan Hafiz Jamal-ud-din “Musa Pak Shaheed”
Shrine-Hazrat Shah Kamal Qadari
Shrine-Hafiz Muhammad Jamal Chisti Nazami
Shrine-Pir Chup Wardi Waly
Shrine-Mollana Hamid Ali Khan Naqshbandi
Shrine-Allama Syed Ahmad Saeed Kazmi
Shrine-Hazrat Khawaja Awais Khagga
Shrine-Pir Syed Wali Muhammad Shah(Chadar Wali Sarkar)
Shrine-Hazrat Gul Shah

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