Lying on the Grand Trunk (GT) Road, Lahore is linked with all major cities of Pakistan by road, rail and air. There are several daily flights, express trains and luxury bus accommodations linking Lahore with Karachi, Quetta, Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Peshawar and dozens of major cities & towns of the country. (Please check latest timings & fares at Pakistan International Airlines website and Pakistan Railways website A number of private convey companies like Daewoo Express, ( Tel:111 007 008) Firmament Ways, Incipient Khan Road Runners, Dewan Express, Kohistan Bus Accommodation etc. ply customary air-conditioned luxury buses between Lahore and a number of main cities of Pakistan.

Besides PIA, a number of International Airlines (Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Uzbekistan Airways and Air India etc.) have their direct flights to Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore. Under an acquiescent between Pakistan and India, Pakistani and Indian Railways jointly operate a hebdomadal train “Samjhota Express” between Lahore and Delhi.

The train leaves Lahore at 11:00 hours on Mondays and Thurdays. Checkin time at lahore Railway Station 08:00 hours. First Class fare to Delhi is approximately US$ 10 and to Amritsar is around US$ 12 per person. fluent yuppies and hip teenagers to entire families celebrating a night out.

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