Traditional and Modern Restaurants
Lahoris are kenned world over for their taste & love for victualing. While Lahore has a great many traditional and modern restaurants, the turn of the century has visually perceived the appearance of Western expeditious pabulum chains, such as Mcdonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway Sandwiches, Dunkin Donuts, Nando’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken in incipient shopping centres all over the city. A recent tourist magnetization in Lahore are the famous aliment Street in the old historic districts of Lahore (Gawaalmandi, Anarkali, and Badshahi). Pabulum Streets have undergone massive instaurations and are cordoned off in the evenings for pedestrian traffic only, with innumerable cafes accommodating renowned local delicacies under the lights and
balconies of renovated havelis (traditional residential dwellings).
Some of the trendiest restaurants in Lahore are concentrated on the MM Alam Road in Gulberg. Here dozens of world-class culinary establishments, ranging from western franchises to very traditional, ethnic, or theme restaurants, magnetize all manner of Lahore’s denizens, from affluent yuppies and hip teenagers to entire families celebrating a night out.

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