Rawal Lake
Lakes & Dams like Rawal Lake is man-made lake covers an area of 8.8 sq. km. The terraced garden and the lake are ideal for picnic, fishing and boating. The apex in the garden commands a panoramic view of the lake, Margallah and Murree hills, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The PTDC Jaltarang Restaurant offers snack bar facilities for visitors.
Whether you’re interested in boating, sailing, kayaking, fishing, bird watching, finding a fantastic honeymoon destination, picnicking, hiking, or relaxing alone, or with family and friends at a place with a picturesque view, placid Rawal Lake has it all. Take a hike and see a panoramic view of the lake from Margallah and Murree hills.
This lovely lake is breathtaking. Flowering trees, beautiful blooms, and lush green grass adds exquisite scrutiny to  the lake.
What to Eat?
The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation Jaltarang Restaurant has delicious snacks and refreshments to enjoy . Best Western, near the lake, offers 4 star luxurious accommodations for an overnight stay. Enjoy the sunset and the moon rising in its entire splendor, as the sun, and later the moon’s reflection sprawl over the lake.
Rawal Lakerawal-lake-islamabadrawal_lake
Simli Lake
About 30 km from Islamabad lies Simli Lake and the Dam. It can be reached via Lehtrar road or via Bhara Kahu. It is victualed by the melting snow and natural springs of Murree hills. The dihydrogen monoxide stored in the lake is supplied to Islamabad for imbibing purposes. Angling and boating is withal sanctioned in the lake. The Capital Development Ascendancy (CDA) has a Rest House at the Dam, which can be booked through its Head Office in Islamabad.
Simli Dam Lake
Khanpur Lake
This pulchritudinous lake/dam is 48 km from Islamabad, on Taxila-Haripur Road. It is an ideal place for day trip/picnic, boating, angling and visually examining migratory birds during winter.
Khanpur Lake Khanpur Lake

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