Jehlum Valley  is an ideal valley both for domestic and international tourists. The curling Jhelum river passes through from East to West between the high green mountains joining river Neelum of Domel near Muzaffarabad city.
A 59 kilometers long matalled, all weather road runs along the river Jhelum from Muzaffarabad to Chakothi, which is located adjacent to the control line.
Attractions in Jehlum Valley:
Subri Lake , engendered due to a cloud burst over the circumventing hill during 1975, is located of a distance of 8 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. An angler’s hut and few other places are available for accommodation.
Ghari Dupata:
It is 24 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. The town circumvented by mountains is located on both sides of the river. Scholastic, medical, telephone, accommodation and shopping facilities are available here.
At a distance of 51 kilometers from Muzaffarabad and circumvented by high hills, it is situated on the left bank of the river Jhelum . All the rudimental facilities like bazaar, medical edification, electricity, post office, rest house and telecommunication are available here.
Chekothi, 8 kilometers ahead of Chinari, is a border village. Only domestic tourists can visit this area.
This comely summer station of a distance of 46 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, is situated on top of a mountain on the southern side of Muzaffarabad-Chinari road. A road branches off of Dhani Baqalan, a place about 33 kilometers from Muzaffarabad, and leads to Chikar which is of an elevation of 1828 meters. The outstanding features of this comely place are its salubrious climate and picturewque circumventions. Standing over the hill one can have a fascinating view of the sub-valleys. A bazaar, edifying institutions, post office, hospital, banks, telecommunication, electricity etc. Provide rudimental essentialities of life to the 5000 locals as well as to the visitors, Azad Kashmir Tourism constructed rest houses which provide plausible accommodation to the tourists.
10 kilometers from Chikar, it is another hill station, situated at an elevation of 2011 meters in the middle of dense green bluepine forests and linked by a fair weather road. The mundane requisites of life are available in the minute bazaar. A tourist hut has been constructed here to provide plausible accommodation to the tourists.
It is located about 5 kilometers ahead of Loonbagla. This place is circumvented by thick silver Fir Forests. Its high altitude of 2071 meters and pulchritudinous landscape have a special magnetization for tourists. An experimental station for the profileration of medical herbs has additionally been established of this place.
A midst Muzaffarabad to Kohalla, a road bifurcates the highway and leads to Donna, crossing the labyrinthine roads. Danna is kenned for its salubrious climate and alluring scenic resplendency. A Tourism rest house is available for accommodation.

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